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#054 Sarah Davis

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I cannot think of a more appropriate guest to kick off the WOW Collective 2018 season!  In this episode my guest Sarah Davis will share with us the details of her epic, and WORLD FIRST attempt to paddle the river nile.

All 6,853 kms of it.  Yep, that’s a long way!

As you can imagine an expedition of this nature requires extreme planning and logistics, physical endurance, mental endurance and the co-operation of a ‘behind the scenes’ support team.

Meet Sarah:

Sarah was born in England but is now a proud Australian Citizen.  With a rich sporting background it was no surprise that Sarah fell in love with Kayaking after joining the North Bondi Surf Lifesaving club.

With a list of impressive competition places under her belt and an extensive background in banking compliance and logistics (yes the PERFECT skillset to have for this quest), Sarah is ready to tackle this epic world first.




Since Sarah be the FIRST woman to complete this expedition she hopes to inspire other women to get out there and complete in their ‘first’.  No matter how big or small the ‘first’ is, Sarah’s wish is for woman to get outside their comfort zone and do the thing (whatever that is) that will smash their limitations.

Along the way Sarah will be raising money for CARE Australia.

Get Involved:

Obviously an expedition of this magnitude needs a ton of support and funding.  You can check out all the details of her expedition at and support her efforts by either donating or simply sending encouraging messages.

You can also find Sarah on Facebook and Instagram 



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