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I have decided that 2017 is all about going deep – ladybits deep that is.   I’m sure you have heard the term ‘going balls deep’ or going ‘balls to the wall’ (which for the record are some of my favourite sayings).
I don’t have balls, nor do I want them but I do want to go deep.  And that is what todays podcast is all about.


WOW Has Grown Up

In todays episodes I share with you why I have gone for a new look and feel with the WOW Collective podcast.  Now that I am familiar with the technical side of podcasting and I have LOVED all my previous conversations with guests I feel like this is the year I want to go to the next level.
This is in total alignment with what’s going on in my life this year.  Twenty17 is shaping up to be a BIG year for me.  One that has some monumental life changing events in it.
Stepping up in my committments and going deeper in my conversations are the 2 biggest intentions for me this year.  These intentions will play out in all areas of my life and I am declaring it here so that I can be held accountable to these intentions.
But I digress – I share with you what’s happening in my life this year (turning 40 is a big one, so is getting married!!) and I also get vulnerable with you as I talk about how I am feeling about these life events.  It’s not all positive and I share with you my concerns and muddled thinking.




Going Deep With 4 Big Ideas

Last week I completed the #ResolutionRebellion ( a 3 week mindset mastery course) and throughout all the trainings I noticed 4 ideas coming up time and time again.  The women who participated got a TON of value from the program and it was amazing to hear how they have gained clarity around their Vision, goals and mindset.


Ok, the Big Ideas:


  1.  Taking radical personal responsibility.
  2.   Learning to love the process (creating resilience around the ‘struggle’)
  3.   Challenging beliefs – what beliefs do you no longer want to believe, why you beleive  them?
  4.   Self care is not selfish.


That’s it from me this week.  I have got some amazing guests coming up so make sure you tune in and keep your eyes peeled for their episode!  (I’m soo excited!!)



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In it I teach women how to take what I’ve prescribed and tailor it specifically to their individual circumstance and lifestyle. We spend a lot of time on context – so whilst the workouts I prescribe are set in a particular way HOW it is implemented into someone’s lifestyle is completely individual.

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